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Home Audio Setup With 12" Speakers

Nothing brings music and movies to life like a great home audio setup. Whether you’re looking for balanced highs and lows, crystal clear center channel dialogue, or chest-rumbling bass from a subwoofer, we’ll provide you honest, practical, authoritative advice to give you the best listening experience for any budget.

The Best Turntables Under $1000

Record Player with Orange Record near Window
Music is a passion many people share. How you listen to music can be another passion, whether by going to live shows, enjoying it in your vehicle with friends, or sitting in alone and listening to a vinyl record. Listening to vinyl often goes hand in hand with enjoying high-quality [...]

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The Best Speaker Stands

Black Speakers on Black Stands
At first it might seem strange to say that the speaker stand you choose is as important as the speakers themselves. The truth is, any speaker, regardless of quality, will suffer if not matched with a suitable stand; this due to a few reasons. The speaker must be at the [...]

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The Best Record Player Under $100

Technics Record Cartridge Close up With Playing A Vinyl Record
Odds are if you are looking to enter the world of vinyl then music is a passion of yours. Listening to vinyl can be a great hobby that can lead you to appreciate your music in unique ways. The ritual of setting up your turntable and having the needle drop [...]

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The Best Open Back Headphones

Grado Labs SR80e Open Back Headphones
If you are on the never-ending quest for the best listening experience, then eventually you will arrive at open back headphones. They have a sound all to their own that is worth hearing. Open back headphones are headphones where there is no material on the back side of the driver [...]

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The Best Center Channel Speakers

4 Driver Center Channel Speaker Up Close
Choosing the right speakers for your home theatre can be a daunting task. There are more numbers to look at than a math textbook, firm opinions about everything, and prices that range from affordable to astronomical. One of the best ways to tackle this task is to break up your [...]

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The Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500

A Single Bookshelf Speaker on a Stand
Bookshelf speakers are very adaptive. They can be stereo speakers for your turntable or placed into any channel in a home theatre set-up from left/right to rear surrounds. They can sit on your desk as monitors for your computer or sit in your living room for background music, and they [...]

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The Best Turntables Under $500

A Vinyl Record Player Stylus Up Close as it Begins to Play a Record.
There is something special about listening to an album on vinyl; sitting down with the record jacket in your hands, flipping through the liner notes, as the needle drives its course to the first note. There is a ritual to the process; one that settles the mind and creates an [...]

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