Best Floor-Standing Speakers Under $500

Polk Audio T50 150 Floor Standing Speakers in a music studio with other equipments

Those who are serious about the quality of their music and movies want to have the best available sound system. To that end, there are numerous options to consider when shopping for floor-standing speakers—first and foremost might be your budget. 

This roundup of the best floor-standing speakers available at under $500 will help you get the best-sounding speakers for the space you’re in, without depleting your bank account. Below is an overview of the highest-quality floor-standing speakers on the market … check it out to see what brand best fits your needs.

Best Overall
Polk Audio Monitor 70

two standing speaker pol audio monitor 70 series II tower

Polk is an esteemed “speaker-specialist” brand and has been for more than 40 years. When purchasing from Polk, you know you’ll be getting the best floor-standing speakers priced under $500. Polk also offers quality speakers beyond the $500 price point and below it. Be sure to check out the speakers in the Honorable Mention section below, which highlights the Polk Audio T50 (priced below $500).

The Polk Audio Monitor 70 speakers generate a cool surround-sound experience powered by a three-way design and two built-in subwoofers. Vocals and instruments sound flawless through this system, which boasts a more powerful bass than some home-speaker systems. 

With such a heavyweight sound output, the Polk Audio Monitor 70 speakers are naturally a bit larger than life, weighing nearly 50 pounds apiece and standing 3-½ feet tall. You’ll want to make sure you have the space for these monsters, but know they’ll look great once you integrate them into your setup.

These speakers are best for:

The listener who wants it all and is willing to pay for it. This individual wants the biggest bang for his or her buck and isn’t afraid to max out the budget to attain it. A pair of Polk Audio Monitor 70s will trick out your home stereo system with large-and-in-charge style, giving you the best experience while jamming out to some rock ‘n’ roll or watching your favorite movie.

Runner Up
Yamaha NS-F150

2 yamaha ns f150 floor standing speakers

Yamaha NS-F150 speakers are priced similarly to the Polk Audio Monitor 70s, so a pair of these will put you right at your $500 budget. But they’re worth it because Yamaha has an excellent reputation for its products across the board. The well-established company produces musical instruments and varied audio equipment, so you know its speakers are right up there with some of the best ones on the market.

Yamaha created the NS-F150 speakers for folks who genuinely value sound quality, whether it’s Tom Petty coming from the speakers or The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. Each cabinet features three 2-way speakers and two cone woofers, a combo that provides a rich bass output and balanced sound that is totally natural.

These speakers are best for:

Listeners who want the best sound from their music and movies, with a reputation to boot. Yamaha’s quality won’t let you down, and you’ll appreciate how these speakers’ smooth piano finish jibes with the rest of your tech setup.

Best Design
Rockville TM80C

2 floor standing Rockville TM80C Tower Speakers

The Rockville TM80C speakers are a bargain at well under $500, but what really stands out about them is their classic yet modern design, which resembles gear you’d find in a recording studio. The black, cherry, or white color choices offer a modern look for the home, where you’ll likely have them. 

Rockville’s speakers are among the best floor-standing speakers because they have two full-range speakers and a built-in subwoofer, which delivers solid bass and makes the music sound as if it’s emanating from a live performance in your living room. To top it off, there’s an included equalizer to fine-tune the output till you’re satisfied. 

The Rockville TM80C speakers can be wired into your stereo system, but they also have Bluetooth capability and can stream music from your phone. They also contain slots for an SD card and a USB cord. Even cooler is the included mic inputs, which let you use the speakers for karaoke parties!

These speakers are best for:

The listener who wants it all and wants it to look stylish. The classic design of these speakers makes them genuine works of art within your techie stereo setup. And thanks to a high-quality design both inside and out, these speakers do not forsake sound quality for looks.

Sony SS-CS3

2 standing sony ss cs3 3 way 4 driver floor speaker

A pair of Sony SS-CS3 speakers retail for less than $500 and deliver a clean, crisp sound for stereo systems. Solidly built, sleek, and stylish, these speakers use a Wide-Dispersion Super Tweeter system that delivers clear vocals, while the precise instrument reproduction provides a superb sound quality.

Sony prides itself on creating technology that easily fits into your busy life, and these speakers do just that. Setting them up is a breeze, and their full sound encompasses an entire room, making it seem as if the musicians are playing right in front of you. 

The SS-CS3 speakers have incredible bass thanks to their unique woofer, which uses mica reinforced fibers instead of paper cones commonly used by other speaker brands. Paper cones deteriorate over time, whereas a mica-cellular diaphragm is durable and long-lasting.

These speakers are best for:

The music aficionado. The output from CDs and digital music is impeccable, but reviewers have mentioned the treble is off when they use these speakers for watching movies. Nonetheless, these good-looking, high-quality speakers offer a great value for the money.

Best Value
Yamaha NS-F210BL

Yamaha NS-F210B Floor standing Speaker at the living room

The Yamaha NS-F210BL speakers retail for quite a bit less than $500 a pair and work perfectly as standalones. The woofer is made of lightweight aluminum for high-speed cone movement, which in turn provides a clean and realistic sound.

The 2-way bass reflex system gives the sound a solid bass foundation, but reviewers say the volume isn’t all that loud. To maximize the volume, these speakers can be wired into your existing system to complete the surround-sound atmospherics. The NS-F210BL speakers by Yamaha don’t offer all that many special features, but they’re decent enough and economical for folks on a budget.

These speakers are best for:

The general user on a budget. Reviews reveal that the Yamaha NS-F210BL speakers are great for listening to music, and they produce a top-notch sound when utilized with high-def TV and a Blu-ray system. Additionally, they have a slim design that looks classy next to a flat-panel TV and can easily fit in many spots in the home. And to reiterate, these speakers are some of the most budget-friendly ones on the market.

Klipsch R-610F

2 Black Klipsch R-610F Floor standing Speakers

The Klipsch R-610F speakers are $190 each, making them slightly cheaper than the Yamaha NS-F210BLs. At 37 inches high, you’ll have no problem fitting them into the space you want within your household. Though streamlined and rather plain, the Klipsch R-610Fs have copper woofers, which gives them a bit of retro flair. 

The spun copper also assists the speakers’ sound, offering a low-frequency response with minimal distortion. Klipsch uses an exclusive Tractrix horn technology to ensure the sound comes at the listener with reduced reverb, which is often caused by speaker noises bouncing off of the walls. The R-610F speakers also use Kapton, a light yet rigid material, for their tweeter suspension, improving the sound’s resolution.

These speakers are best for:

The user who wants good quality at a good price. Klipsch is a solid company, and its audio equipment doesn’t look shoddy. All in all, the Klipsch R-610Fs deliver great sound and fit in nicely as background pieces to the rest of your system

Honorable Mention
Polk Audio T50

Polk Audio T50 150 Floor Standing Speakers in a music studio with other equipments

You can purchase a pair of Polk Audio T50 speakers for much less than $500. If you recall from the Best Overall category above, this is the same company that produces the Polk Audio 70 speakers. Having two speakers within this list says a lot about Polk as a company.

These speakers are especially perfect for small- to medium-sized rooms, so you’ll be able to hear sounds clearly through them no matter where you are in the space. These sleek black speakers look more expensive than they are and fit in well with any technology setup you already have.

These speakers are best for:

The person who wants solid all-around performance in various mediums. Sometimes you listen to music, sometimes you watch movies, sometimes you’re watching live sports. The Polk Audio T50 speakers adjust well to these formats and provide quality sound for a wide range of listening and viewing experiences. Therefore, they’re a great investment if you’re going to be using them for the aforementioned entertainment functions.

Dayton Audio T652-AIR

2 black dayton audio T652 AIR Speaker

Coming in at well under $500 per pair, the Dayton Audio T652-AIR speakers are definitely worth an honorable mention. The speakers are slim and sleek, making them some of the best floor-standing speakers at under $500 for small spaces. These affordable speakers feature bass-reflex tower cabinets that produce great bass, whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie.

These speakers are best for:

The casual user who wants to beef up his or her existing stereo or TV sound. They’re easy to install and will indeed boost sound, but they can also get distorted at higher volumes since they’re not as robust as the other speakers on this list. However, you can’t beat the price for the pair, and with a five-year warranty, the T652-AIRs are a solid buy.